Waiting on a second chance

May 12, 2011
Sitting out here in my truck bed staring at the moon, wondering if you're somewhere out there looking at it too. It's the only thing we've shared in almost a whole year, now that you're gone, i know now that i was wrong, you should really come back to where you belong, I've changed, I'm not the same, I'm different because of you, yeah it's true, I've really changed now that I've lost you and it's hard to deal with the pain, that's why i like the rain because it washes away all my tears and it disguises most of my fears, you have me your heart, i gave you goodbye, now i ask my self why, i lied, when you asked me if i was all right, and i said i was but only because i didn't want to admit i was scared to be me, for you set me free, and wanted me to be all i can be,and now i can see the light, it's so bright, and I'm tired of this endless fight, so I'm giving up,, I'm moving on, I'm finding myself, I'm getting help, and trying to make things right, but you say you're done, and don't need my love,and that I'll never get a second chance, but you're coming back into town, i hope i can turn this around, maybe you'll change your mind, and everything will turn out right,it just might, and i want you to know that i love you, and I'll be here waiting, staring at the moon, I'll be hoping that you are too.

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