Sophomore Girl

May 12, 2011
-I got holes in my pants and stains on my shirt
-I got old dusty shoes but you can't tell me what I'm worth
-Short nappy hair thrown back in the same due
-But why you gotta make me feel I'm less of a human than you?
-Middle class family thea's kinda in a hole
-no hot running water and all we get is freezing cold
-we take showers every sunday, i guess it better than none
-so afraid to go to school that i'd rather drop out. I'M DONE!
-i wear the same panties for a week theres no machine to wash them
-people like to stare or laugh but they only see that i'm not them
-ripped up old book bags that we gotta carry all year
-go home and find gabage in it, the people make their hatered way too clear
-getting low grades on my test i can't even focus right now
-thinking my life is a mess and looking to escape some how
-thinking about the evil laughs, people think i'm just a joke
-i simply walk down the hall but people laugh like we're at a comedy show
-betrayed by my besties, i thought they were the ones who'll pick me up
-but everytime i turn the corner, i see them trying to hide or trying to duck
-man! people are so fake! Fake hugs to smell if i'm clean
-i thought people were dead when they're in hell, but its always Heaven in my dreams
-i wake up seemingly dead because i'm living in hell
-nobody knows what's happening and it ain't a soul on earth i would tell
-at home os just as bad because i'm living with a creep
-he's a monster not a man who'd rather sleep with me than teach me
-mama don't believe he caused this insanity and thats why we're so broke
-trying to bail him out of jail because she fears the words his family spoke
-trying to find some love. i guess i'm the typical teen girl
-i don't think i'm all that cute so i guess i wont let him in my world
-sex wasn't my thing and i didn't need dudes as my alternative
-But mama thought i did and she made me her own embarressment
-i was mad half a woman and viewed to be too slow to make good choices
-people at school hate me,now my mama, i started to shut out the screaming voices
-a lonely sophomore girl about to be a junior next year
-hopefully i find some real mentors who will guide me and whipe away my tears
-a million haters, no dad he was replaced with a creep
-my mama think i'm a lustful child but all i want is her L-O-V-E
-i found God and He's always kept me in his powerful hands
-i will strive to prove God right and my haters wrong by serving God until the end
-i made it out that year alittle bruised and battered but God will never put to much on me
-a weary sophomore girl that's not all that appealing but God has a plan for me
-i almost went crazy and i thought it was going to be the end of my world
-but that year is over and i could enjoy life looking foward to being a junior girl

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