I'll Be There Soon

May 7, 2011
By jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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It’s so crazy
Being in love with you
And not being able to see
You everyday
But every night I get to see you
In every single one of my dreams

I long to tell you
Right to your face
That I still love you girl
But I’ll have to wait
Just a little bit longer
‘Cause we’ll be together soon
I’ll be there soon

We’ve been talking on the phone
And over the internet
And I only see you in pictures
I long to see your face
I’ve missed you so much
I’m almost there

Chorus 1x

Your house is coming in sight
I’m almost there
I’ll tell you I love you
Almost there

Chorus 1x

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