Want You Back

May 7, 2011
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Don’t even look at me
Keep walking by
I ain’t got nothing to say to you

You wanna say you’re sorry
What a load of bull-sh**
Haha, you’re the one yelling at me
When I ain’t done nothing wrong

Apparently I ain’t good enough for you
You had to go out with him
But now you’re coming back to me
Crying, saying you wanna come back
Well girl, kiss my a**
I don’t want you back

You wanna know why I don’t believe
That you’re really sorry
Well you’re the one that cheated on me

I’m done talking to you
And you’re blaming me for everything
You just don’t get it
You’re the one to blame here

Chorus 1x

Now you are mad and lying ‘bout me
To all of your little friends
Hey, that’s good for you
It fits your style
Thanks for makin’ me smile

Chorus 1x

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