One of a Kind

May 2, 2011
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Baby please don’t go because when I saw you I was like whoa.
All I wanna know is if you’re down to ride with me,
And if you are hop in my car and we can go fast, or we can go slow.
When I saw you I thought it couldn’t be true
Because I had never seen a girl as beautiful as you.
There’s nothing to fear so just come here
I’ll make you smile from ear to ear,
And baby no matter when you need me I’ll be there.
When I’m with you the sky’s the limit,
And I’m never gonna quit till I reach the summit
Your love takes me from sea to sea,
And we don’t have to have a plan like ABC.
Let’s take it day by day and call it play by play,
Girl turn around and walk your love my way.
Our love can take us where ever you want to go,
It can take us around the world.
We can act like our love built the world for us and we never have to fuss,
Because your love is one of a kind, its one hell of a find and I cant help but say its one of a kind.

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