April 25, 2011
Can the hands of another lover heal the wounds of a broken hearted soul.?

Her heart was filled, with lies and secrets, hidden away, never told.

She loved one, & then another, confusion crashing her chest like tropical thunder.

She wanted so desperately to be free, free from love & hate. Free of everything.

Many nights she laid awake, crying out into the dark, praying

"Jesus please take away my tierd broken heart."

Everyday it was always something new,

each choice she made she questioned.

"Is this the right thing to do.?"

A love so poisionous it was killing her soul.

Instead in her blood, hatred would begin to flow.

Spitefull words, sinful thoughts.

Doing anything she could, secrectly hoping to get caught.

But all she truly wanted was the chance to be loved,

or atleast appreciation from her love for all she had done.

To this day she still sits in pain, seeping with regrets.

Thinking, "With all that I've done I hope she never forgets."

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