~From Now On~

April 23, 2011
By 77Duct7Tape7Girl77 SILVER, Penacook, New Hampshire
77Duct7Tape7Girl77 SILVER, Penacook, New Hampshire
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Well this is as far as it goes,
Cause I can't take this anymore,
You've broken me too far,
And I'm jsut letting you know,
That I am moving on,
I've foudn someone new,
That will take care of me,
Unlike you.
And I'm sorry,
But this is just how it's got to be,
You can see me in the hall,
And even maybe in Science History,
But that's as far as it goes,
From now on,
From now on.
I'm so sorry,
But if you hadn't spoken your lies,
If you had let me down easliy,
If you hadn't lead me on,
If you hadn't broken my heart,
So many times! That i've lost count,
We'd be fine,
We'd be fine.
All you can do,
is just look, from afar,
from now on,
from now on.
It kills me to say this,
But you have got to move on,
You're the one who messed this up,
You're the one who let me go,
And I just wanted to let you know,
That I have moved on,
There's no connection.
You tampered with the lights,
And you left me in the dark!
But don't you worry!
No don't worry!
I wont be in your way,
And I have taken,
my heart back,
away from you,
And you can get on with your life,
I wont stand in your way,
From now on,
from now on.
Because I have led you to the dorr,
I even opened it!
And I'm sorry,
But i've got to kick you out!
We would still be friends,
we would be just fine,
and on talking terms,
if you hadn't kicked me out,
after you had let me in;
if you had actually called,
and didn't slam the phone down when you did;
if you hadn't lied,
if you had let me know,
how you truely felt...
Well don't you worry,
I got your message,
and i'll stay out of your way,
I can't be hurt anymore,
from now on,
from now on.
because of you,
because of youm
I'm moving on,
to someone new,
who isn't like you,
so i thank you,
and i leave you,
with that confused look on face,
cause this is my final goodbye,
and i am strong,
from now on,
so goodbye!
from now on.

The author's comments:
I wrote this during a day where my emotions were all mixed and i finally realized that i truly had moved on, and i have feelings for someone else

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