Liar, liar

April 23, 2011
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Liar, liar,
You've got them all hypnotized,
No one to justify,
Well your spells don't work on me.

Liar, liar,
Your smile hides your shame,
I know you're a fake,
Someday the truth will reign.

Liar, liar,
Life doesn't have to carry on this way.
We all make mistakes.

Liar, liar,
Stop and listen,
It's your own life you're missin',
Please don't get carried away,
The lies are more than you can take.

Liar, liar,
That's all you are,
But there's still a shot,
No matter how far,
You can't run from the truth.

Liar, liar, liar,
Listen to me,
We're one in the same,
I can't play this game,
Lies don't hide my pain,
It's time to escape.

Liar, liar, liar. . . You had them
all hypnotized,
There was no one to justify,
But your spells don't work on me,
I know the truth,
It's time you were true to you.

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