Burn Away

April 22, 2011
By Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
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My private world of nightmares and memories
Where the edges of reality blend into the fabric
Of times in the past and future tidings
And where the promise of today is dead
The disappointment of tomorrow is haunting
Me wherever I go, the things I did
Played back in my head where the hurricane
I have become reigns undefeated, inside my head.

The monster I am is still inside of me,
Waiting to be released so he can roam free
Free to destroy everything I am
All that I have built, to be again
The fire inside, dissolved by ice
Once again, I feel trapped in his vice
My way of saving face, the hatred and fear,
(the) Grip I swore I would forget existed
Now has come back to haunt my dreams.

I have tried to hold it back, for the sake
Of saving face, in front of you, my lord
The one person I would not dare show how
Weak I am when you speak those horrible names
Never have you seen me cry and break down
And you never will, for I am stronger than I look
You made me this way and I now accept who I am
Say you love me, break my heart again to watch me
Fall apart and maintain that cold look you love so much.

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