My Day

April 6, 2011
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My day,
hmm, what to say,
I get yelled at,
I get held back,
EVOL spell that,
backwards, what do you get?
you sure as h*** don't get hit!
get it?
abuse, physical and mental,
what's the use?
and NO! my heart is not a rental,
Yet I give it away,
when people say,
I can trust them,
their trust is feminine,
It's why I listen to Eminem,
because I'm not fittin' in,
I'm livin' in,
my own little world,
confused on who's my real girl,
it's a toss up between the two,
"I love you"
we all do,
sorry if I'm cocky,
I'm determined as Rocky,
to eat my problems like Pocki,
tick, tick, tocky,
times got me in this square, blocky,
why can't we be feet? walky walky,
my day goes from ground to topsy,
but not turvy, and my girl's curvy,
my life is a drunk driver, swerving,
dropping friends like hook-shots from Erving,
and I'm yearning,
for the good life, teacher, learning,
that we need ta' be earning,
instead of cursing,
and lurking,
behind others,
behind brothers,
behind mothers,
and one another,
stick together like glue instead a' bounce like rubber,
don't be hater's be lover's,
be doves not buzzards,
be there through blizzards,
and Hell Fire,
be there til' the funeral pyre,
don't hate, inspire,
spark like a wire,
ignite that fire,
because our friends are dire.

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