the rewards of your courage

April 28, 2011
The rewards of your courage
They pay off in high school
In high school life can be intense
There will be many problems
That there doesn’t seem to be the solution to
From friends, dating, drugs, financial and many more
These problems create stress
That requires courage
You must find that small flame of bravery
And spread it all of you
As quickly as a wildfire
With courage more than half your problems are gone

You will change so much
Maybe more than you think
But won’t notice it until you look back
At yourself
From your childhood view

You will sprout wings
And fly off like an angel
Just remember
If you want to do something
Do it
Don’t think of the consequences
Think of the rewards
And think you might regret it if you do it

Just remember
The things that you find
You will regret most in life
Are the things you never had the courage to do
Remember you only get once chance
Rarely do you have a time
Where you can go back in time
And make a different choice and see the outcome

High school is the time to be yourself
And nobody else
High school is the time to figure who you are
To make choice about the future
Because you’re too special to be some one else
Ignore the peer pressure

You will feel the happiness
You will smell the joy
You will taste victory at life
You will see the accomplishments
You will hear the success

The rewards of your courage

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