I Am At War

April 27, 2011
By Lil_Trixta29 BRONZE, Purvis, Mississippi
Lil_Trixta29 BRONZE, Purvis, Mississippi
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I am at war with the whole world
I have lost everybody including my girl
My life is so hard to look at
Sometimes I am scared to even look back
Yeah, look back at my past events
So much drama it’ll make your eyes want to squint
Sometimes I wish I could have died in that parking lot
I have tried to go back to it, but then again I have tried not
It seems like I have been shot in the heart with an a.k.
Seems like my life is going to be even worse today
I swear I can hear hell calling my name
Then I can hear heaven saying reject the fame
I don’t know which one to choose
If I choose the wrong one then I guess I lose
Because I am at war with all of my siblings
I am at war with no kind of healing
I am at war with all of my friends
I am at war but nobody wins
3-2-1 I was down for the count
So much drama it will make you want to open up and shout
Make you want to blow off your head
Or you can have a nightmare in your bed
Everybody has always seen my insanity
But you have never seen the real man in me
Love was never around me when I grew up
Dad was doing so many drugs that he started to throw up
I was only 5 years old when I started my first war
Now I am going back to try and get to the cure
People say the more stuff that you have been through
You should be wiser than a man with two
But I don’t believe them, because it builds that person up with rage
And they think that they can call them a sage
I haven’t changed because I am one of the rare ones
You would be scared, like a little girl when she sees a pile of guns
Man, I was starting to fill up with rage
They had so many intense feelings that they threw me in a cage
I try my best to thrive to what I want to be
The best man that you will ever see
Yeah, while mama was strung out on drugs
I was out fighting the thugs
Came home one day mama was crying and tried to give me a hug
I was so nervous that I ran out with no love
Yeah, A Story for the Papers was just my first song
It seems like I have been hiding my true feelings for too long
This is the day that I come out of my shell
This is the day that I rise from hell
And I am going to heaven with my music
If I stay down here I will get too sick
Use cannot be used because it has no more uses
Now I have to say is bye-bye DUCES

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