I Try

April 20, 2011
By Attemptatlife BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
Attemptatlife BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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I made my vows

And I swore them up and down

Still you saw me with your sister

Out on the town

You gave me your tears

And they stained my soul

I gave you my heart

But it was far from full

We sat and sang

And talked things out

I felt your love

But all you felt was drought

I all this deception

And all of these lies

I do my my best and baby

I try and I try and I try

Please believe me I try

Oh baby, I try

Just know I've always tried

Baby I try and baby I fail

Our lives were moving

Oh, so smooth

But it was me again

Ruining things like I always do

It must look like a passtime

Ruining these lives

But believe its true

Every day a part of me dies

But still I try

I never mean to make you cry

Maybe I'm just not this kind of guy

Cause it seems like every time

Baby I tried

Baby I really do try

Baby I try

But I fail I fail I fail

Your hair was tangled

Tangled and misplace

As the emotion poured from your eyes

And covered your beautiful face

All of this finally

Put me in my place

As I learned you too

Made all of my all of my mistakes

I thought this story

Would be all about me losing you

But we lost each other

Long before it was through

Baby we tried and this time

Baby we tried and this time

Baby we tried and this time

Baby we tried

And baby we failed

The author's comments:
I see so many relationships full of lies and excuses that still run on regardless. This inspired me to write this.

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