When that Tear falls

March 18, 2011
By Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
Alfilisara DIAMOND, Peoria, Arizona
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When that tear falls,
Something happens
Something bad, something sad
Something I want to forget

When that tear falls
Someone calls
Someone needs help, someone needs me
Someone that I love
Someone that only I know about

When that tear falls
I alone have to face it
the visions, deaths, events untold
So many things left to unfold
All I know is that pain

When that tear falls
You don't know
You don't understand, You can't help
You, of all people, I don't want to hurt
You should never feel this way

When that tear falls
I am alone, it has to be this way
I cannot help, nor can you
I feel so bad, but you should not know
The visions, deaths, events untold, that have brought me so low

Only, when that tear falls.

The author's comments:
I created this piece January 26, 2010.

Visions seem like a good thing, but they hurt and bring pain. Life is no longer a surprise, and friends shall die before my eyes.

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