For Once It Isn't Bad

March 30, 2011
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You make me feel so happy, so good to be alive,
Because whatever happens, I know that I'll survive.
As long as we're together, no storm can bring me down,
And no matter where we go, I feel so safe and sound.

I remember our first encounter so clearly,
I remember it was some time ago,
And yet each day it feels like we've just met,
And the motion goes so slow.

You make me feel so peaceful, like such a special girl.
I don't think I've ever felt so proud to be in this world.
I feel like I am flying, my feet no longer on the ground,
And I've finally understood that what I've been searching for has been found.

I feel so special and different, though for once it isn't bad;
I just hope that this feeling is deeper than a fad.
I hope you prove to be here, through many coming storms,
Because you know that regardless, true love comes in many forms.

While I feel like I am flying, I feel tight and secure;
I feel like I am in my place, no longer so unsure.
The sky is blue as ever, and the clouds white like my soul;
You take away my impurities, and make me feel so whole.

So please don't leave me speechless, and take away my words;
I do not think it'd be fair to me, it would be absurd.
I do not think I can manage the courage to fall in love again;
So will you consider approaching me forever, never leaving me then?

My heart feels light whenever I see you;
If only you knew how I felt.
But my head isn't working as clearly as it should,
And my head hasn't been tightly held.

I won't ever leave you if you remain by my side. But don't break my heart.

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