Don't Go

March 28, 2011
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Verse: I saw you coming this way,
And I saw a wave of tears; rushing out,
I don't want to lose you,
I won't know; who I am anymore,
Please don't go (away)

Chorus: Don't leave me alone, (I have no one),
I don't want you to go,
The friend I knew; Will be gone,
Don't Go,
This is where you belong,
Don't cry for me,
I'm not worth it,
Please don't forget, (I won't forget you),

Verse: You had abandoned me; left me all alone,
It's a prison left for no one to see,
I can't be alone; Not without you,
The person I once knew; Is forever gone,
Don't go,

Bridge: Hold your head up high,
This won't be the end,
Don't be far from me,
Never say good-bye,
Don't give up,
Don't be sad,
I couldn't leave without you,
Don't Go, I won't Be far, Be where you belong,

Chorus: I won't let you go,
I need you here; (I can't; I need to)
Don't forget me,
Remember your best friend,
I won't know who I am anymore,
Don't waste your tears,
I'm not worth it,
The friend I knew; Is Gone (x2)

Ending: Don't forget me, (harmonize x2)

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JazzyMyne said...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 12:29 am
Jeez dude, very organized and u even have the sound down. thats just awesum.
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