Torn (Sanctified)

March 20, 2011

Chorus 1

I'm torn apart,

cut by the lies this world told me.

I'm torn apart

left here to die through my own choosing

I'm torn apart

Slain by the mistakes i've kept in hiding

I'm torn apart

and numb with the pain i've always carried

Verse 1:

I'm sorry for believing the demon in the mirror

Cuz you were right always

when choosing the right and wrong

Please forgive me, for all the cruel things i've done.

Have mercy i bare all i can carry with this broken heart.

Verse 2:

I failed you lord by giving my life to this world

And i've lost it all, my heart and all

yet my faith remains unto this day

for your son you gave and washed my sin away.

Chorus 2:

I'm sanctified

healed by love at the sound of His name

I'm sanctified

found and reborn to His holy reign

I'm sanctified

the devils inside me driven out by His grace

I'm sanctified

full of passion for His glory

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