Flowers From Heaven

March 22, 2011
By , Dartmouth, MA
Flames from Hell reach out but cannot compare,
To what is growing above the clouds and above the air.
Flowers whose beauty can’t be perceived by the human mind,
Flowers that not many of us will ever find.

They have been told by God that they will never die,
And they trust and believe that God never lies.
One day in heaven a flower began to fall down,
And once it touched the Earth it began to frown.

For the Earth has contaminated God’s beautiful friend,
And now he knew his life would soon end.
He fought and he fought with all of his might,
When down came an angel hovering like a kite.

The flower tried its hardest to make it through,
When suddenly he felt his roots begin to renew.
It was the angel holding a heavenly cloud,
Refreshing the flower, making God proud.

For at last the flower was on his way back,
Away from the Earth after this torturous attack.
This goes to show how awful the world has become,
And “Thanks to God” this flowers life is not done.

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