March 22, 2011
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I am so confused
Right now my friend
Tell it to me straight
‘Cause I want to understand

I can’t believe it was you
I can’t believe this is true
I’ve known you for so long
This all seems so wrong
I’ve been walking in a daze
And life’s acting like a maze
I can’t believe it was you
I won’t believe this is true

It still hasn’t sunk in yet
None of it has
I’m still trying to figure it all out
But it’s not making any sense

My heart is hurting
And my brain isn’t working
I think I’m going crazy
And this isn’t going away

Chorus 1x

I keep hoping and praying
That I’ll wake up from this nightmare
But I’m still hurting
And this is real and true

It’s hard to accept the truth
‘Cause it can really hurt
I wish I could press a reset button
But there is no such thing

Chorus 1x

Tears are falling down my face
As I’m writing these words
The world is never gonna be the same place
No matter how much I wish it would

Chorus 1x

Oh, I can’t believe it was you
Oh, I won’t believe it is true

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