The Ghetto Shopping Cart

March 4, 2011
By Sydd,, BRONZE, Neosho, Missouri
Sydd,, BRONZE, Neosho, Missouri
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Walkin' through Wal-Mart
With my ghetto shopping cart
Lookin' at my list
I'm checkin' it twice
I see the milk, the beans, the cheese, and the rice

Strollin' down the frozen section
Goin' to pick up the chicken
Lookin' to the left
Lookin' to the right
Now I got the chips and the water and the Coke and the Sprite

So I'm headed to the candy aisle
And it's filled with little brats
It's like a jungle up in here
And the kids are short and fat

Ditchin' the candy aisle
Now I'm headed to the veggies
Fill up my ghetto shopping cart
With some tomatoes and the celery

As I turn around to grab the lettuce
I see my uncle Ricky
While I'm hidin' behind the pears
I put my hand down on somethin' sticky

Pullin' my hand straight up to check it out
And I see it’s full of gum and spit
I give an unexpected scream
Freakin' out and throwin' a fit

The lady sortin' out the bananas
Came over to see what's up
I said "There's somethin' nasty on my hand
And I'm about to throw up!"

The adolescent woman walked away
And was laughin' unnecessarily
I got irritated at the lady
And said to her precariously:

"Is there somethin' wrong with you
That I should probably know about?"
She turned around and looked pretty mad
I'm gonna get kicked outta here without a doubt

I took off runnin' towards the door
Leavin' my ghetto shopping cart behind
Runnin' past the lady and out the door
The rest of this rap is yours to find

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on Apr. 8 2011 at 3:42 pm
thezebrasgray PLATINUM, Taylorsville, Utah
46 articles 0 photos 231 comments
this is awesome! it made me laugh! too often people think that poems need to be extremely deep and depressing, thank you for breaking from the rythm! five stars!

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