Do You Regret It?

March 10, 2011
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What you said to me
It did get to me
But I acted like it didn't
I laughed along
I play my song
And wonder if you regret it

*My life is unraveling fast
I don't know how I should act
Should I be mad at you
Or should I feel the same way you do
I don't think I can handle the pressure
But I know it's now or never
So I guess it's true
I'm really over you

I told myself
That you were someone else
Because I didn't want to believe it
Yeah, you were wrong
I play my song
And wonder how I didn't see it


So I'm guessing this is the end
Of whatever it was we had
The wasted time I spent
In believing in you it makes me sad

I feel so alone
I really should have known
That I can't count on you
No I can't count on you

*repeat (x2)

Do you regret it (I'm sure that you don't)
Do you regret it (Can't say that I won't)
Do you regret it (Staying steady this time)
Do you regret it (I know I'll be fine)
Do you regret it
Do you regret it
Do you regret it
Do you regret it

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