March 9, 2011
By YobelAnde BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
YobelAnde BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Pay attention to the woman yelling in the mirror, because that's the only thing she's wanting,
Focus clearly on the woman in the mini skirt, why? Because she knows exactly what she's flaunting
Now go and approach her and ask her how she’s doing, and tell me her presence isn’t daunting
I couldn’t tell you why I see the same girl in every dream; I swear nothing’s more haunting
I’ll never understand how she got here, or where she even came from
She thought she had all, and than some
Life was complete for her, it was over, all done
But when her only one left her for another one, she started crying because at one point she had it all and now it’s unfortunate to see her end up with none
I feel no remorse for the broken-hearted girl, she knew she had it coming
She knew she could’ve had it the world until I caught her running
She asked me if there were any last words, My mistake was replying with nothing
I think it’s better if we leave us in the past, before it turns into something….again

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