I Love You! I Hate You!

March 11, 2011
This life of solitude
I tear my heart open
Not afraid
To take a stand
Always, always, always
Crawl in like a cockroach
Her whisper is the Lucifer
I see the blood
All over your hands
I'm breaking out of this cage
Sweet escape!
In the truth that lies
Sing it out
To a hymn called faith and misery
Where is the love?
But I'm halfway gone
I hope it gives you hell
Cause it's getting harder
And harder
To breathe
So let me shake up your world
Living on the pain of a fairytale
Don't know how we got
Into this mess
But man,
These times are hard
Holding onto something
That's invisible there
Never made it as a wise-man
Don't lose your grip
Don't give up on me, baby
There's nothing else to find
I'm begging that you take me
And never look back
I keep dreaming
That you'll be with me
And you'll never go
Has it all gone to waste?
Whatever you're saying
You really got me bad
So I'm gonna give
All my secrets
living half a life
The company that lost the war
On holiday
One more time
Thanks for the memories
Face today
Or pain of circumstance
You're not alone

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