March 6, 2011
I want a romeo, juliet story
A fairytale that's never boring
A prince meets a princess
Will you take my hand
Then they get married
In a far away land
Too bad that's not my plan

I want roses by the dozen
I want kissin' and I want huggin'
I wanna meet a man
Who will hold my hand
And catch me when I fall
I wanna have it all
I want memories that will always last
Yeah that's what I want
I want moments like that

In those stories, there's always a twist
An evil step mom
Or something you missed
But I've got a way
Of chasing evil away
Yeah I'll win the fight
Dance with my prince charming all night
Yeah that's my plan
Even if i lose the best shoes at the ball
Even if I trip and fall
nobody will take this away
no one can ruin my day
I've got sunshine always ahead
I'll never witness rain clouds again
moments like that

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