Escort to the Prom/Funeral

March 3, 2011
By leg28dancer GOLD, M, Minnesota
leg28dancer GOLD, M, Minnesota
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What's the point of life if you don't take some risks and be yourself?

It's rainin down my window as I nod off to sleep
hopin maybe someday I'll get in too deep.

Verse 1
Stand in the middle of the rain
so I can have your full attention
cuz now I know that you're the guy
who's worth the time to mention.
To the guys I'm your friend
but it's hard for you to pretend
it's not anything more.

You used to have me so that I couldn't speak
My hands would shake just looking at you
I love how the butterflies feel
it's beautiful how you love me
it feels amazing when you touch me

Verse 2
And now the lightning's glashing and I hope you're alright
cuz then what guy would care like you
to treat me right?
I've finally found the one who returns the time and effort
I think there should be promises cuz I've been hurt before.
Now that I've found you
I don't want anything more.


So stay
promise me
right here, right now
don't ever leave
why would you
hope I don't mess up again
say something to make you
think differently


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