The Chokehold

February 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel I need a miracle
At times to lift my spiritual
I hope this doesn’t strike fear in you
But the rap game isn’t lyrical
Jus to speak empirical
Hip hop has been forsaken
Its integrity left on the pavement
No positive messages being painted
Travesties consistently innovated
Hip hops murder trial in arraignment
A culture on the brink of being killed
Skilled individuals without will
Mc’s on TV disrespecting the ladies
Rolling through in a new Mercedes
They should talk about rap slavery
Instead of being degrading
Making money for commissary
A practical nightmare oh so scary
The hip hop legacy they carry
They stomp it till it’s weary
These men live a lie
Don’t talk about nothing
Propaganda I call it
It isn’t really funny
While people in the struggle
Hustle to find good fortune
We people need money
We live life bummy
Children go to bed hungry
Without Lauryn Hill’s
Bread in their tummy
While they get paid for
Advocating false claims
Making the youth slaves
To modern day rap disarray
This fact has me enraged
At homies that made it
These men our favorites
They truth they evade it

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