I'm stronger than I used to be

February 25, 2011
By Rshadows SILVER, Dayton, Pennsylvania
Rshadows SILVER, Dayton, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
When some one tells you not to do somethings.... that's your key to do it.

I see you almost every day
And every time that I do
It brings back the pain
Wish we didn't have to be apart
But you said you needed a break
And that's what you decided to take
Now you say you never really loved me
I guess this story's not gonna end happily
But I'll keep my chin held high
That way you'll never guess that I cry myself to sleep every night

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm all right
Cause I'm not and I might not ever be
Guess I'll have to wait and see

It would be so much easier
To forget that there was an us
Every day I try to move on
But it's hard because you make me so happy
I'm trying not to love you any more
Because I know your heart is no longer with me

Now I hardly see you
But when I do I no longer feel any pain
Still wish we didn't have to be apart
But you said you wanted a break
And I let you take it
Now you see that I'm happy
Since I left you've really missed me
And now that I've come home
You realize that you were wrong

Because you really did love me
And you want me back in your arms
But I turned you down because I've moved on
Finally you see that I was right
When you said goodbye to me that night
And I've given you many years to change your mind
Now you've run out of time to change mine

So you start heading toward the door
Walking out of my life for the last time
I call after you and say "I lied"
"Remember that night back when I told you I was over you, yeah, well it ain't true"
You turn around and walk back tome and pull me into your arms
Then I start to cry
Cause I'm so glad that I don't have to tell you goodbye
No I'll never have to tell you goodbye

The author's comments:
it's hard to move on when you love someone but sooner or later you have to let go

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