For Trying to Forget You

February 15, 2011
By , ..., Panama
You would smile every time
Make my heart beat fast
Make my mind wander far away
You would make me smile every day

I would laugh at your jokes
And you listened to my songs
Said they were always sweet enough
That my voice was a soft wind blow

Blown… away...
Our dreams you have forgotten
I've even lost my rationality
And it’s all from your brutality…

[And even when I try to forget you
I can’t help blaming it on myself
That I could’ve been with you,
I could’ve been with you…

You seemed good enough at first
But sweet talked me and the rest
But I guess that this is what I get
This is what I get…]

For trying to forget you… (x2)

I guess I was just troubled
With having such a flirt for a guy
I know no one would judge me
I was just avoiding your trap (trap)

I stopped laughing at your jokes
I stopped singing to you my songs
And you showed me that I was right
You didn't care about seeing me smile...

Or cry…
Cause I’m blown… away…
My dreams you have forgotten
And my tears you disregarded…


{And even though I really want to forget you
I can’t help blaming it on myself
For getting far away from you…
For trying to forget you…

I am trying to smile
I am trying to laugh
But I just can’t… but I just can’t…
But I just can't... but I just can't...}

But I just can't... (x2)
For trying to forget you… (x2)

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Jess95 said...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 7:55 pm
Girly I know how you trying to forget about a boy myself...not going so well...I'll wish  you luck if you wish me luck ;D
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