State Of Mind

February 14, 2011
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Out on the window
Look at the sky
My heart is weakened,
But I still have my pride
Choked up on ashes,
Turned into dust
The night is approaching,
But tomorrow never comes

Ooooooh tomorrow never comes [2X]

Rose pedals fallin’
Down on the street.
Know it’s a sign
But it’s hard to believe.
The rain starts fallin’
And time stops.
Got no direction
Just gotta go on.

Ooooooh just gotta go on [2X]

My head is spinning
Round and round.
Don’t know what to say
But I’m trying
To figure this out
For my self.
Don’t know what to do
But it’ll all turn out.

Ooooooooh it’ll turn out [2X]

You make it seem like
It’s easy for you.
But I know deep down
You are dying
Of frustration
From the doubt.
But know in the end
it’ll all work out.

Ooooooooh it’ll all work out [2X]

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cmcignarale said...
Apr. 2, 2011 at 11:18 am
When it says "Ooooooooh it'll turn out [2X]" It's supposed to be "Ooooooooh it'll all turn out [2X]" Sorry for the mistake.
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