Im here!

January 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Im eradicating these females like imma deamon
you don't see me me
I'm higher than the ceiling
Uhhh cessation, I gotta breathe for a second,
Dudes face just gave me a lot of inspiration
Inspired to move on i understand not every one is pretty you got to be strong
like brinking for plastic surgeons they need them, they need them
Like a dog needs his bones.
Man deficit in the brain
I'm just going crazy over these silly lames
Yeah ,you mad cause I'm better
I got the world screaming she juz like Biggie Smalls but got more cheddar
Dang I'm going heavy in this flow,
gGot Jay-Z hollering he need me on his boat...
But i aint on that man i got too much to worry bout then to be partying again
It's me not her not them so just face it Imma win
Im sorry i gotta go like WHOA!!!

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