January 26, 2011
By , Anaheim, CA
Even though we go our separate ways
Some things will never change
You’ll still be my best friend
We'll see each other 'till the end

Let's both look forward to a new beginning
If there is no reason to be leaving
Just leave this ending behind
Let our different fates shine

Doesn't matter if your there right beside me
‘Cause we'll be friends right here inside see?
Just remember the good times
And forgive the bad moments

See the world in a new shade
But please don’t let our memories fade
Our times when we fell
To get up there was no spell

The times that we laughed
We almost cracked
Beg the world to leave us be let us stay the same
But all our hopes and screams were in vain

Through the push and turns of time
We thought we would be fine
But things have changed
And we aren’t the same

So we go on some with heavy hearts
Some with a sense of needed starts
People will push and pull throughout society
But look towards the light and push forward quietly

For some things may change in the future
But as of the past, things won’t wither.

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