January 16, 2011
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I’ve spent my whole life listening and it’s my turn to speak
‘Cause every word that’s shot at me makes me run down and weak
And we’re not who you think we are, we want to get along
But you can’t seem to let it go, does it scare you to be wrong?

Listen, you don’t need to raise your voice any more
Listen, while I try to show you the view from the floor
But every time we speak about this, hot tears start to flow
Deep inside, you think I can’t see it—truth is I know

Listen, I need to tell you, don’t even start
You think it’s good but your anger sends it straight to the heart
We came here so innocently but it was already done
Don’t remind us every day you think we should have never come

Listen, ‘cause you think that we’re all crazy and naïve
Truth is we have reasons that I’m trying to help you see
But you close your eyes, so near to mine that I can see the fear
When you see it’s different from where I stand but it’s all the same idea

And I’ve stood through every storm just to prove that I could live
But I won’t throw away it all just to prove that I can give
And if I fail, let me know that I’ve fallen honestly
Don’t leave me wondering who or what I really had to beat

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