It's okay

January 24, 2011
By AWonders GOLD, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
AWonders GOLD, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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When we're young
We don't understand
About repeating history
About the greater plan
All we do is want
And cry to get stuff
A hug comforts us
With the classic words mom's say
It's okay

A few years later I learned the truth
That momma's are bulletproof
They have no shame
In that simple little phrase
She came home from work one day
And I tried to hide my face
She knew that look
Broke something I took
She took my by the hand
As guilt tore me away
She whispered, It's okay

As I began to cry
Momma held me tight
Shameless it's true
Kindness hurts too
The cruelest thing momma'd say
It's okay

I grew up and had a family
But we were far from being happy
My girl and I
Never say eye to eye
She'd be texting when it's time to sleep
Wouldn't be ready when it's time to leave
Our worst fight
Came crashing to an end
She screamed that I'm the worst mom there's ever been
I grabbed her by the hand
With a warm smile on my face
I knew she'd remember this day

As she began to cry
I held her tight
Shameless it's true
Kindness hurts too
The best thing I could think to say
It's okay

The author's comments:
I hope you all like this song and share it with your own moms. :P

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