Finish Line

January 24, 2011
By , Hoffman Estates, IL
Verse 1- The finish like can be seen with my own eyes from today.
I see the mistakes I'll face at tomorrow's day.
Failures are not time for regrets.
Just wash them mistakes away with dreams that I will never forget.
See that I'm halfway done, no turning back anymore to the place where I first stepped on ground.
I grew older in time and realized that not even the race could bring me down.

Pre-Chorus: I'm starting, running as fast as I can,
Soon enough the others would sprint along with me.
The hard stone on the ground might eat off your feet,
But see how happy you can be when it's all set and done!

Chorus: Once I hear those crowds cheering,
I know I'm running more, I know one answer is clear.
The finish line glares at me as I approach with mighty power,yet the others, they're still halfway.
Friends may drift away but I'm still on the line--on the line to life.

Verse 2: Obstacles reach my path and it becomes heartbreaking like stealing light from the smiling sun.
Just know to achieve next time and continue to run.
Oh, we may scrape our knees and we may be on the brink,
In a short blink, we'd be on the race again.

(Repeat Pre-Chorus, And Chorus Two Times)

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