What's Gone is Gone Part I

January 21, 2011
By Valdo BRONZE, Bellevue, Nebraska
Valdo BRONZE, Bellevue, Nebraska
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No who gave his all ever regreted it

Today she said I was her night in shinning armor
Well, She's my damsel in distress
Come a little closer,you take away all my stress
Press your body next to mine
Theres no point of watching father time
It's all in our mind that we could stop whatsoever is bound to be
Kissing me and when id' run away she'd be missing me
Shared the best five months with you
Come here and together we can paint a pretty picture
Of night's riding along the dark
Where their hearts illuminate wherever their paths want to start
There he goes hopping it's not to late
Reaching for heavens gate
Only to be faced by the sad reality that the journey has turned him into insanity
Lost the armor he worked so hard to gain
Gone like a flame
Did it all really had to end this way?

Life was our stage
Our act, Nearing it's last number
Thinking hard but it hurts to remember
because what's gone is gone
your face your skin and all the emotions
whats gone is gone
Trying to hold onto you for so long there's no way I can stay strong without you
But what I'm trying to realize that truly what's gone is gone

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