Saved by Love

January 19, 2011
By jesusfreak43235 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
jesusfreak43235 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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Love, what is Your truest form,
Where are You in life’s worst storm,
Are You waiting at bird’s eye view,
To see if I look up at You,
Or did You come down from above,
O where are You my precious Love,
What is it like to see Your face,
Filled with joy and eternal grace,
By my side will You be,
Or will You dwell inside of me,
Before I saw I never knew,
How much I really needed You,
I heard Your name thrown around,
But It just seemed a hackneyed sound,
Now You’re in my life for good,
And things are now as they should,
You’re a mystery to me,
But I’m beginning to see,
How much of a world changer You can be,
And now that You’ve set me free,
I see, that by Your grace I’ve been saved,
When on my heart You were engraved.

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