December 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Therapist - We're going to be meeting everyday of the week.
So as you sit in that seat,
Don't be afraid to speak.
And tell me what is going on in your life.
And I'm going to try to figure out,
What is wrong,
And what is right.
Drew- Well you want to know how my life is,
It's dull and lifeless.
These cuts on my arms show you where the knife is.
Or should I say where the knives been.
And the nights been,
So dark and I'm just trying to figure out
Where the light is.
It's so much darkness in the world,
I'm starting to think that it's light less.
Because the only time I see it is,
When I'm looking at lightning.
And at home
I'm so alone besides my baby sister,
But she's always frighten,
Because my parents are fighting.
And I never go into their room,
Because that's where they fight in.
And I'm not a stranger to the hospital,
Because that's where the fights end.
So sometimes I go to friend house to have a smoke,
We just pass it around and say light this.
Yeah I know it seems dumb,
But it's fun getting drunk,
The next day not knowing what was the outcome,
Of the booze and the rum.
Because it's a great escape,
If you don't have a place to hind or run.
My dad has a box of cigarettes but I only light one.
Therapist - What about the girls at school.

Drew- Man I only like one.
But the problem is,
Where ever she's at,
You can expect,
That is where the drama is.
Baby mama,
Got a kid,
Don't know where the father is,
You can say he's fatherless.
And I know exactly how that be,
I know I got a dad but it doesn't count,
If he's a dead beat.
And if he heard me said that I'd probably,
Be dead meat.
Cause he beats us and mistreats us,
My mom, my sister and me.
Therapist - So why don't you all pack up your bags,
And leave.
Drew - Because it's not as easy as it seems,
He pays for everything,
Our clothes, our bills,
Even the ingredients that my mom takes to make meals.
Therapist - Well why don't you ask for help.

Drew - Well that's why I came to you.

Therapist - I can see what I can do.
But I'm going to need more proof.
And it all starts with you.
I need you to write what's going on,
In your home.
In a notebook when you're alone.
It's just between you and me.
And I'll see you tomorrow after school at three.

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