Black Butterfly

December 3, 2010
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I saw you at once, you looked so pure
Little did I know that troubles endured
We walked this way, we talked all night
One of the few things that always felt right
We talked for hours, we talked for days
We learned of each other, we learned of our ways.

There came a point where the pain was so vast
You gave me a key to erase the past
I learned at once there was more to the story
Of this girl, and all of her glory
It seemed as you died when the day fell to dusk
And then I saw what I must do, I must

What do I do when you die?
It's probably the same as when you cry
I break and you bend, you shake and I mend
I lift you higher than before, cause you deserve so much more
And then you're flying high in the sky...
My Black, Butterfly

I walked away the very first time
When I didn't know how much you were mine
It was full of pain and hurt
None of it joy, only the worst
I walked back sadly, I felt ashamed
But you were there and saw no scar in my name

You took me higher than before
Cause you thought I deserved so much more
Took me out of the hurt, out of the pain
No memories wasted, we were dancing in the rain

We had a few good months, now let's see where we went
You made me happy, but my mind was still bent
I told you things but made no promise
And you held on cause you knew I was honest
You needed me but I needn't need you
The recollection of that day has kept me a mute

It was a snowy day some winter ago
And I told you i was letting you go
I wanted some things, things that seemed new
Didn't realize how much I really needed you
But you still loved me and put on that mask
Even though you tried to you couldn't escape the past

You hid again from the world
Held a pretense you weren't in a whirl
But that was a lie, you needed me here
You wanted that smile, you wanted no fear
So then I came back at the brink of may
You jumped with joy on that fateful day...

What did I do when you died?
It was just the same as when I saw you cry
I held you close, and we stopped the world
You needed me most, and you were my girl
We went so much higher than before
Cause in our love we were so much more
And we were flying high in the sky
On the wings...of my Black Butterfly

Then what came our true test
The distance was smashed I needn't have rest
I held your gaze as you held mine
In those perfect days, we needed more time

It came to an end so fast
Our first kiss, it wouldn't be the last
I ran to you, up on that hill
I couldn't let go, and that's my true will
I came to you, we made our last embrace
If you could have seen the smile on your face

We were higher than anyone
And I knew in my heart that we'd never be done
We were so good, we were so fine
This was my lover, she was my life

We were higher than before
Cause in our hope we were so much more
This wasn't a dream, it was what's real
And we were high, high above the fields
High in the sky...
On the wings, of my Black Butterfly

Over the weeks of the wait
You really came to believe I would hate
When you broke down, you thought I'd get mad
But d***** girl you were the best I ever had

And finally the day came to make
And there you were, back in my wake
When I saw you, you smiled and said
I love you, I can't get that out of my head

I held you close, I knew how you felt
No one else mattered, I felt I would melt
Under your eyes, their sweet glimmering shine
Beyond your smile that was so divine...

We kissed that day, I made you mine
I kissed an angel, so beautiful, so fine...

After that day, there came hill after hill
But still I knew we couldn't be killed
I felt so high, but you felt so low
I didn't see what happened below
You seemed happy but it was just the mask
Something you promised, would never come back

You held onto hope, not telling me true
That I'd figure out I was no longer there for you
We embraced once more, not so long ago
You tried to tell me, but I would't let go

I didn't know I became your king
Shackling you down, crushing your wings
You thought me a tyrant, thought me so mean
Thought I'd be angry, if you didn't give me everything

My sweet sweet angel can't you see?
We were so perfect because you told me things
When the door was open that's when you were pure
Can't you see since it close we couldn't endure?
I wanted you happy, that's all that I need
Just needed to be honest and truthful with me

Tell me your wants, tell me your fears
I'm not mind reader I can only sit here
In wonder, in shake
I know I might break
But before you go
There's something you must know

I'll always be with you
Inside of your heart,
I swear I love you
We won't be apart
I never meant to be your king
Just like you never meant to hide a thing

Should we let go or should we just see?
I'll never let go because this isn't a dream
It comes from the heart, never stopping at rest
Cause I'll have you know you were always the best


What do I do when we die?
It's probably the same as when you cry...
I'd pull out the knife, and give up my life
And in my last breath I'd still raise you high...
...My Black... Butterfly...

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