Just a Wizard Child

January 6, 2011
Just a wizard child,
Raised on Privet Drive,
Took a big Knight Bus goin’ anywhere

Just a British kid,
Sittin’ with Hagrid,
Took an 11 o’clock train goin’ somewhere

A fat lady in a portriat
The Gryffindor Common Room
For a password they get in it goes on and on and on and on

(Chorus)Suits of armor, lining down the corridor
Filch, searchin’ for stu-udents
Candles, students livin just for the house cup
Hidin somewhere in the night

Workin hard to get to class,
Wanna get there pretty fast,
Trying to to levitate,
Just one more time
Some host Voldemort,
In their heads,
Some find the Sorcers Stone
With Erise-e-ed

Don’t stop beliving,
Hold onto your wand,
Voldemort’s comin’ back

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