Perfect Equation

December 31, 2010
By Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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I can feel you standing there
Right where you’ve always stood
I can feel you icy stare
Like I knew I always would

And I’m tired of this silly game
Trying to guess what I should say
To you it all will end the same
To me it’s a dream falling away

We’re trying to find it
They’re trying to hide it
Always reminded
Always blinded
A perfect equation
The formula sated
To rank ourselves with the best
To fall into step with the rest

I feel you watching every move
And I try to fall in line
But everyone who’s already been through
Tells me not to waste my time

Looking to reach it
Looking to bleach it
To whiten our souls
Do whatever we’re told
They ask who we are
Gauge our reach towards the stars
Try to answer right away
Try to say what we’re supposed say

Well I don’t know your secret code
And the world outside is tempting
They keep telling me to seize the day
That this rat race ends up empty
But the parents, oh, they’ll be so proud
If we can stagger to the top
Just don’t slip along the way
It’s a cold and brutal drop

Hoping to make it
Hoping to take it
To fit the predetermined mold
To be worth our weight in the lost fool’s gold
To open the letter
The proof of who’s better
Accepted, denied
So we push through and try

The author's comments:
The battle to get into college beings... just my thoughts. I don't want it to be so specific nobody can relate, but I hope it largely speaks for itself...

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on Jan. 18 2011 at 8:13 pm
fiveinside GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't tell me the sky's the limit if there are footprints on the moon." ~unknown

This is so good! It gets right to the heart of the problem and it's so real. I love it, KS (:

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