December 24, 2010
By Caveman19 BRONZE, Rogers, Ohio
Caveman19 BRONZE, Rogers, Ohio
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I'm sitting here alone, trying to find something
My mind is running reckless because all i see is you.
The love in your eyes, The care in your heart
Always make me wish, we were never far apart.

you calm me down when i feel like screaming
you're in my dreams every time im dreaming
you seem to know exactly what i think
It's like you're my missing link

You brainwash my head and rustle my mind
you're always so loving, so caring and kind
I love you unbreakably, you're the one for me
I'm waiting for that day, that you will see

We were made for each other inside and out
when im not with you all i do is pout
we need each other like Bonnie and Clyde
All i want is you by my side

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