December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse 1:
Maybe you'll understand what I wanna say
When you see the tears fall down my face
This is how much I hurt
Even though I thought I learned
I'm tired of keeping it in all the time
I'm sick of having a heart no one can find
Everyone thinks I'm tough
I told myself I was strong enough
Finally I want someone to look me in the eyes
To hold me in and tell me its all right
Someone who wants to listen
Make me wanna tell and not hold in
Why can't I trust anyone?
It's a word easier said than done
Everyone seems so far away
I'm so different, they are all the same
Verse 2:
No one ever knows what I feel inside
I smile, I laugh, and say I am fine
Don't know why I do this
It's just a cover, I can't admit it
The only one I can tell this to
Is the God who promised me through
I know He's gonna be there tomorrow
The only one who understands my sorrow
(repeat chorus)
My heart's in a battle with my mind
Theyre fighting fighting, will it ever end tonight
I'm trying to follow what I'm telling myself
But my emotions are in a scream and yell
They want to get out in the open
They've been locked up, I never le them
I'm scared to bring them out
Do you even care what I'm about?
(repeat chorus)

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