9/11 Happened on This Day.

December 12, 2010
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9/11 happened on this day.
9/11 will always be remember.
So many died, so many cried, and so many souls lost!
But now we have to stick together.To remember what happened on this day. That Sep. day!
It had to be the sadest day of the year.So many innocent people died. When the first crash was heard. Many people couldn't believe it. Until the second crash was heard. Many peole ran for there lives hoping it was not over, them.
Tragity happened on this day. Tragity will last forever. This will alway be in the history books... especially in our minds.
9/11 happened on this day. It will always be remember. Til' the end of time! Thanks be to God for our lives forever! Until the end of time!
Cause 9/11 happened on this day!
9/11 will always be remembered!
Til' the end of time.

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Osvaldo_C said...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 4:46 pm
A tear just ran down from my eyes.
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