Bromeo and Juliet

December 4, 2010
By Jakes-Girl BRONZE, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Jakes-Girl BRONZE, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Bromeo found her
Walkin down the street
Juliet asked him
Do you like me

Bromeo grabbed her hand
And wouldnt release
Juliet held tight
The love wouldnt cease

Soon Juliet had some news
They would have a babay-
Bromeo promised to
Marry her one day

The love never quit
Everyday like the first

Bromeo dropped to one knee
His love unspoken
He knew he could proove his love

His promise unbroken

Bromeo and Juliet
Lived happily ever after
Memories unchanged
Since the day he saw her

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my boyfriend and i because he is a "thug" and everyone thinks im a "goody two shoes" so it describes our relationship. no im not pregnant so dont worry! :) hope you guys like it.

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