The Only Thing

December 6, 2010
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You’re standing across
The room
With tears rollin’ down
You beautiful face
You want to know
How I feel about you

You saw me hesitate
And now you just don’t know
If I really do love you
I know you just
Poured out your soul to me
And I probably made you
Second guess us
But before you change your mind
Listen to me one last time

You’re the only thing
I want in this whole world
There’s no way I could survive
Without you in my life
And I knew that from
The moment I gazed into
Those big blue eyes
And as I look at you again
I’ll promise you this
I’ll never stop lovin’ you

Please girl, take me back
I’ll get down on
My knees and beg
If it means I get you back
I wipe a tear off your cheek
And I look into
Your tear-filled blue eyes
Hoping you’ll see that
I’m telling the truth
When I say that
I really do love you

Chorus 1x

I don’t know why
It took me so long
To tell you how I
Really felt about you
But now that you know
I’m never gonna let you go

Chorus 1x

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cdawn2012 said...
Mar. 15, 2011 at 2:17 pm
AMAZING! great job
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