She can stay

December 4, 2010
She can stay, she can stay, Wondrous, Anonymous, at the end of the day.
We do this over and over, can there be a end? Beautiful Release, Beautiful...defend.


She can stay this time, I'm tired of choosing, Tired of loosing.. Here I am, lost again. She can stay, I'll close my eyes
and try to breathe..It's getting harder everyday, so she can stay. There's no need for lies, no more..No cries.
Suffocating, in yourself..Breathe breathe..

Purest of purest in their eyes, Or darkest denial in her cry. Those longings of longings are lost within,
Be comfortable with me, are you comfortable with Sin?


Do you know how hard... this is?
Do you know how it.. all could end?
You don't know what I..m th..inking.
You don't know what's happening..

She couldn't stay, Cuz it's not the end.. Maybe now it wont be pretend.
Maybe now she knows what it's like.. To choose a path and lose your fight.
But now she can stay with you, now you can feel it too.

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