My Heart Never Will

November 24, 2010
By jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
jake2011 DIAMOND, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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I thought I was
Over you
I hoped that I would
Stop thinking of you
But when I saw you today
My heart skipped a beat
And my mind brought up
All our memories when
We were together
And for a moment
I was happy again
Then reality crashed down
And my heart sank really low
I left as fast as I could
Tears started rolling down my cheek
You may have said goodbye
But my heart never will

My heart will never
Let you go
No matter how much I tell it
That you’re gone forever
It’s still holdin’ on
To all your memories
After seeing you and
Listening to my heart
I realize that
I’ll never stop lovin’ you

I get home and
Try to relax
But I can’t keep your
Memories away
And outside the rain
Starts pouring
I can tell it’s gonna
Be a hard night to
Live through
You’re slowly killing me girl
Not only did you leave,
You look happy too
And just when I start to
Heal my heart
You have to show up
And break it again

Chorus 1x

There’s nothing I can
Do or say
To make you go away
I’ve tried everything
Now all I can do is
Live with all the memories of you

Chorus 1x

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