ITraveled All Around The World( Right In Front Of My Eyes)

November 20, 2010

I traveled all around the globe,
To look for something that was right under my nose.
But I didn't know,
Because if I did,
I would've approached her when we was kids.
But I was so blinded,
By the finest,
Of those other girls,
That I couldn't recognize her kindness.
She was by my side when,
I found out that my girl was cheating and lying.
She said you'll find an angel
And she will coming from the sky and you'll both will be flying.
And I know I was so stupid not to recognize she was a queen,
But if you're out there you hindness,
Please be reminded,
Of what we had,
And I know I should have grasped what I had.
And I know I made you mad,
But if you asked,
I would take it back,
Every single time,
I wish our life was a DVR,
So we could just rewind,
And record all of my mistakes,
So I could know which road was the wrong road to take,
And decisions I shouldn't make.
So I can act like I'm eating a twix,
So I can pause then press play.
And fast-forward to this day.
And everything will be alright,
And you would be in my life.
And I could finally see that angel come down from the sky.
And you will fly down right in front of my eyes.

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