I Traveled All Around The World ( Part 2)

November 20, 2010

traveled to every continent, state, and place.
I been on many dates,
And had many mates.
But done of them can compare to the love that I have for you.
You can't be replaced in my heart,
Baby these other girls isn't even half of half of two.
And baby I can do the math for you.
That equals to not even being half of you.
And our love is like a mystery,
We don't know the history,
Of have our clues,
We just know that's what we have to use.
To solve the problem and we going to do what we have to do.
My only regret is that I left,
Because I wished I still had you.
And I remember every laugh with you.
Now my only question is who that with you.
Does he treat you right,
And tell you he loves you,
Huh does he do that with you.
Because if he doesn't that's what a man that has it backwards do.
And y'all shouldn't be making backwards move.
And I'll do anything to get back with you.
And I promise my love won't lack with you,
Because I changed,
And I did all that for you.
If I could just have a chat with you.
I bet we can have a laugh or two.
I'm just trying to slow down,
I'm not trying to move to fast with you.
Cause if I do,
I might just crash with you.
And I want my relationship to last with you.
Because all these other girls is trash to you.
And I would know because,

I been all round the world,
To find,
The perfect girl for me,
But she was right by my side,
The whole time,
I swear I must be blind.
Because she was right in front of my eyes.
My eyes,
My eyes,
I swear I must be blind,
Because she was right in front of my eyes.

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