There is Another Way Out ( Freestyle )

November 20, 2010

There is a way out,
So don't believe that it's not,
You can make it out your block,
Without weed and rocks,
You don't have to drop,
You can make it to the top,
Just fight for your dreams,
And the match is nonstop,
You don't have to be,
Around drugs and gun shots.
You can be the president,
Or you can have your own shop.
So the listen to the haters,
If that is your mom,
Or your pops.
Your friends,
Or not,
Your teachers,
The one that can't wait to get off clock.
Just believe,
You'll achieve,
And you will make a big hop,
Over the competition,
You don't need tension,
Between you and the cops.
And you'll sneak up on this world like a fox.
Just think of it as basketball.
If they're too scared to take the charge,
They goin flop.
So there's no need to get worried,
And let your head get get hot.
Because they're goin try to put you down a lot.
But don't you ever have doubt.
Because there is another way out.

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